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Regular maintenance on your grease traps will help prevent problems that can, later on, lead to pricey disasters. The experienced professionals at Curt's Pumping & Septic can provide hydro-jetting and grease trap cleaning services to help your business stay up and running. Call us today to schedule an appointment!

Did You Know?

Fats, oil, and grease (also known as FOG) can cause sewer line blockages which can lead to larger issues. Blockages in the sewer line will make grease traps overflow into your business causing costly fines and bills. Schedule your maintenance and routine checks today with Curt's Pumping and Septic.

How often should grease trap cleanings be performed?

Grease traps should be cleaned on a quarterly basis and sometimes even more frequently depending on the FOG that is being used in the establishment. Large amounts of oil and grease buildup and can cause sewer water to overflow into the restaurant causing larger problems and unsanitary eating conditions. Keep your grease traps free of debris to avoid major issues occurring over time.
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